Where can you find out about all of the different Teacher Certification Requirements in the United States?

CertificationpPlan.com has an abundance of information on the different teacher certification requirements that exist in each state. Certification Map makes it possible for you to find the answers to all your questions about teacher certification at one easy to use site. When you go to the Certification Plan homepage, you will find an interactive map of the United States. Run your mouse over the map and click on the state where you are interested in teaching.

When you click on the state where you want to teach, you will go to a page that offers an educational “snapshot” of the state. This index answers many of the questions you will have about teaching in that particular state. In addition, we provide information on average elementary and secondary teacher salaries, a teacher’s salary vs. other job salaries in the state, the number of vacation weeks the average teacher gets per year and the number of years until tenure.

Along with the above knowledge, CertificationMap.com provides a list of the requirements necessary to become a teacher in any state. Included in this information are details on prerequisite coursework, teacher preparation, teacher certification reciprocity, required tests, and links to websites where you can find out more about receiving your teacher certification.