Teacher Salary

The following is a breakdown of the average teacher salaries in all 50 states. Salaries are taken from an NEA survey.

It is important to understand that there are a number of variables that can have a dramatic impact on the salary of a teacher including the time you’ve spent teaching, what type of a qualifications you possess, whether or not you have completed a master’s degree program, and the level of job competition in your area. The information below is based on averages that include 15 weeks off for summer vacation.

Top 10 states with the highest average teacher salaries:

1. New York$76,566
2. Massachusetts$70,584
3. District Of Columbia$73,162
4. Connecticut$70,584
5. California$70,126
6. New Jersey$70,060
7. Alaska$66,739
8. Maryland$64,868
9. Rhode Island$64,696
10. Pennsylvania$64,072

Top 10 states with the lowest average teacher salaries:

1. South Dakota$40,023
2. Mississippi$42,187
3. Oklahoma$44,277
4. North Carolina$45,355
5. West Virginia$45,583
6. New Mexico$45,727
7. Florida$46,691
8. Arkansas$46,950
9. Missouri$48,309
10. Alabama$48,413